Hosted VOIP

As you may be aware, BT Open Reach will stop selling the old ISDN phone lines in 2020. At Stratford IT we provide various hosted phone systems to suit your business needs.

Over the last 10 years Stratford IT have been consulting with various telecoms companies on behalf of its customers. There are many companies in the telecoms industry who are over priced and offer services with long contracts which include hidden charges or short call packages.

We really have been shocked by the cost of some physical phone systems. If you add up the monthly ongoing fee’s the costs are extortionate compared to the latest VOIP technology.

VOIP phone systems have had a fare bit of bad press over the years as you maybe aware. Stratford IT pride ourselves on providing stable solutions to all of its customers and always test solutions over long periods of time before implementing them into a live environment.

This is why Stratford IT feel every business can now adopt VOIP as a cost effective alternative. Get in touch today for a free quote. 01789 868867